26 Jul

Traveling can be a wonderful adventure providing that the right things are packed. While it is true that a few different things are pack depending on where you are traveling to – where you are staying – and how long you are planning on being gone.  This being said there are some things that a person who is traveling should always bring with them.

  1. Clothes – pack for the weather – remember to look at what the weather will be like in the place you are traveling to – pack according to that weather – if you are traveling to several locations pack less – it’s a pain to carry around heavy luggage – *remember if you are planning a lengthy vacation you can always wash your clothes using the local facilities
  2. Toiletries – this includes anything needed to get ready for your day – Shampoo – Conditioner – Deodorant – toothpaste – toothbrush – mouthwash- make-up – lotion – razor – ETC… hair dryer – electric razor – electric tooth brush – for any items that need to be plugged in – make sure you buy a plug/power adaptor (if you are planning on traveling outside the US) otherwise you will fry your electric power items
  3. Passport – *remember to make a copy of your passport and keep the copy separate from your passport – also keep your passport in a water proof container of some kind (like a Ziploc bag) – Keep your passport with you at all times
  4. Credit card – Driver license- make copies of these papers – in case they are lost or stolen – then you will still be able to call and get the cards canceled
  5. Electronics – Bring only what you really can’t live without – being less if you plan on traveling around a lot and have to carry your bags – if you are back packing I would recommend that you only being the things that you really need cause backpacks get heavy and soon you will want to get rid of everything – For all electronics make sure you have the right power adaptors and the right plug adaptors – so you can plug in your electronics without frying the power

Remember that there are other things that you will need to bring depending on where you are going.

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