Dream vacations

4 Nov

If you are sitting at your desk, leaning back in your chair, wishing you could be somewhere else…. Where do you go? Where is your dream vacation?

Picture courtesy of http://realadventures.com

Some may dream of sailing off into the deep blue with just the wind at the sails. Soaring into the sunset on a silky smooth ocean with a glass of champagne in one hand, and their soul mate in the other.

What about a luxury beach front property with a pool and all the amenities in walking distance of a grocery store and 3 restaurants. There are properties starting at $250 a night for Villas that make every fantasy look like a black and white sit com.

I spent seven days in Jamaica, Falmouth to be exact at an all-inclusive resort that fed me Pina Colada’s for breakfast. I climbed Dunn’s River Falls and I have to recommend that everyone do that once in your life. Put it on your bucket list! I rode horses on the beach and visited the Rose Hall Great House:


Plan a day trip to this grand estate, former home of Jamaica’s white witch, Annie Palmer. She practiced voodoo and had three husbands who all died under mysterious circumstances. Legend has it she was a beautiful seductress who dallied with the hired help. The guided tour includes exploration of the house with its 18th-century decor and antiques. The tour ends with a visit to the dungeon, which has been transformed into a tavern. Walk the well-manicured gardens and see the palm trees beneath which Annie’s three husbands are said to be buried (see more at http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2885835-rose_hall_great_house_kingston-i)>

The price is right for traveling the world right now! If you can do it, take a boat to Jamaica and spend some time breathing in their culture. It is a life changing experience.


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